Australian Registered NDIS Supplier of Low Vision Electronic Video Magnifiers and Visual Aids


Welcome to Independent Vision

I grew up fully sighted, but there were a few things that were a bit odd.  For example, when I drove my car, I could not see the face of the person in the car driving past me.  When I was 30 years old, I started having problems reading a line of numbers.  It was like some of the numbers were missing.  I was later diagnosed with Stargardt's Disease (Juvenile Macular Degeneration).

I have since worked and been involved with many Low Vision Organisations and Charities in the USA and Australia.  

As my eyesight has degenerated over the years, my visual aids have changed many times.  I have always looked for new products and ways to retain my independence.  After attending an international conference and wanting to purchase different aids for myself, I thought, I can really help other people like me in Australia, and Independent Vision was born.

My vision is to inspire you to try new products and ideas to use what vision you have.  I will share my discoveries and personal experience by providing new exciting products and tips to help you to retain your independence.  

I work with a variety of low vision agencies, orthoptists and occupational therapists to discuss how I can help their clients. I also work with the developers of these products, giving them “real” feedback so that they can continually review and make improvements. 

If you have any feedback or there is a product that you would like me to review or look at supplying, I would love to hear from you.


This is a photo of the late Dr Lorraine Marchi of the National Association of Visually Handicapped  (NAVH) in New York. 

On our first meeting, she told me "To use it or lose it".  She was saying if you don't use what eyesight you have, you will lose it.  Dr Marchi was a wonderful, strong willed, selfless person who dedicated her entire life to helping anyone with vision loss.  I was fortunate to work with her and not only see first hand the difference she made to so many peoples lives but also experienced it myself.  She is an absolute inspiration to me.